Tiefling Mage


une 28th The Year of the Dark Sun

do not read explosive runes! haha haha just kidding, now change your pants.
back? ok. so iF yOur reading this then you have either a. come accross my jooooo/urnal sorry about that my ferRet, loki is bothering me…and im not Going to rewrite this so yes if you are rEading this this then either you have stumbled across it upon a field of batTle(possible). plunderd it from my corpse(also possible). or are a thief and are about to be erradicated by the Rot powder i put on this binding. (also possible). Anyways not to be distracted, MY name is DrothKari son to mitianna and step soN to Malekai. i am a tiefiling, I cAm unto this world kicking hissing spitting biting and all the lovely things a half-daemon does. my parents marriage well lets face it was rocky, considering we are a Mage family. my father was a mage, my mother a Sorcerous, forgive my spelling my grasp of common is not that strong, I have to concentrate to talk and write in common. I was born from a human but my true sire was a demon. How that happend is how i ended up here. or wherever i am i dont know because you have my journal and i dont. So my father being a mage was trying to master daemonology. So he was in his lab and summoned a demon, lower level demon class, succubus her name as my mother fondly calls her “She-Bitch from the South” or maleficient. Now Mally as i call her(we will get into that) knew her way around mortal men, my fathers name had been getting around the abyssal plain, as a would be daemon-master. she had already prepared her polymorph spells along with her charm etc.. So she was summoned and my father left the circle open for the reason of a mastery over the demon. it failed demon appeared stepped out of the circle and took control over my father. 9 months later a bundle of joy(sarcasm) was delivered to our doorstep. my mother could tell it was related to her husband, because the baby had the same eye color of my father and hair color however it had little stubby wings. Upon questioning my father and preforming a Time spell(of her own divising) she replayed the steps of the last 9 months in the house. Turns out my father left the circle open on purpose, succubus stepped out and one thing led to another. Thus my step brother entered the picture. My mother in revenge on my father for being so stupid and of course inviting the succubus to sleep with him. Got back at him by getting knocked up by a Demon. 9 months later i was born. my brother and i as we grew because of our blood were tricksters, my brother more the magical i more the physical. We would prank each other, CONSTANTLY we would also one up the prank. Fast foward years later and i dont know whether it was replacing his ointment with bat guano laced with lavender to coat the smell untill the sweat took away the lavender, Or putting an Ad into the local paper on behalf of my brother for a homosexual kobold love tryst who likes being beaten and used like a chamber pot but i was about to get my familar i “found” a spell that would grant me a minion, little to know that it was a De-Summoning. Yep De-Summoning. I had to sit in a magic circle written in chalk mixed with my own blood. light a ring of candles that had to be placed in the four corners of the directions. So i did the spell and spent the next FIVE years in the abyssal plain. Not fun. How did i get out you ask? Remember my Step mom the She bitch? Yeah found her. (now i can explain why my father “invited her” ) and her condition on helping me out? to Talk to my father, to give her memories to which i would get back at the resummoning. She taught me magic and in The abyssal plain it changes you… i became colder, meaner, my magic started going toward war and chaos. More fast fowarding and I found myself into a magic circle, looking at some poor wizard who was about to get his ass handed to him. I dutifully checked the circle, (wasnt my first summoning) and looked for errors. I liked looking for errors, it was fun. what was even more fun is that if there wasnt any, since im both prime material and abyssal i could cross over for the circle for 5 minutes at a time. on certain days(days of black sun) That day was the day i was summoned, the wizard in question summoned me, but also the succubus got summoned as wel because of a magic ring that she got from another wizard. so 2 demons came out and started looking. the mage was laughing and doing a monologue (we always do whn we do something awesome). I looked @ the mage, felt the human side of me start stirring which happend or was told by the she-bitch and i stepped ou of the circle, The mages mouth opend up and he started stammering a spell, i felt the magical energies coalessing and before it he could do anything i broke the circle, and She bitch and i were free. after that, i left her i didnt look back once…with the exception of looking at a candle on the way out and blowing it out…then relighting…strange. Since the summoning gone awry i noticed that on my left arm (i have know since learned Daemonic Runes) that also partially cover my chest and some of my neck. I also speak abyssal if i dont concentrate, I see if your going to die, blow out then relight candles, and some other things that i dont want to get into right now(dm psychosis) and something else that is also pretty cool that i might show you if you return my journal. but yeah.FORGET MY NAME. My name is Alabaster and if i see you watch your self and if i dont see you…..i will…


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