Temple of Elemental Evil

In our last episode . . .
Firetits, Anti-Paladins, and Kitty
They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Apparently going to the Naked Hunter in Lawless has the same effect. In what was normally another quiet night of people winding down in town, a group of the dark armored men who had occasionally plagued Lawless came in announcing they were members of the Dark Knights of Iuz and were searching for eager slaves. Talk of slaves seemed to have lit a fire under the tail of a gun-slinging tiefling named Derisun, who introduced the leader of the Dark Knights to some bullets. Within moments, three other strangers jumped in— a human named Cronan, a strange pale man named Eliodoro who seemed to be a pet collector of some sort, and another tiefling who, as best people could determine, was named Alabaster but could have been “Purple monkey nuggets” based off of the nonsensical words he would occasionally spout out. After a brief altercation, with some assistance from a table of elves, this group of four were soon able to dispatch two of the knights, send two more running off, and capture a third thanks to a spell from the pale Eliodoro. One of the elves, Grey by his introduction, asked the group if they could meet him the next day at Kitty’s Horse Shop with the promise of adventure. After agreeing, the group interrogated their prisoner, the dark knight William S. Preston, and found that the slaves they were gathering were being taking to a temple somewhere outside of a town called Nulb. With Derisun’s blood still boiling, Cronan gave the knight what he asked for and killed him in the alley way. While pondering the whole scenario that occurred that night, the group made their way to meet with Grey, but not before trading in their goods they stole from the corpses. Derisun and Alabaster visited a kindly old grandmotherly woman named Margaret, while Eliodoro and Cronan opted to avoid her like the plague and go to another local shop. Finally, after the dust had settled, the group met with Grey but not before meeting Kitty of Kitty’s Horse Shop. A friendly, child-like orc in a rainbow dress, Kitty welcomed the group with open arms and Derisun tried to return the welcome with the barrel of his gun. Not wanting anymore bloodshed after last night, the group kept Derisun in check and met Grey. Introducing himself as the liasion to King Belvor IV of Furyondy and had a mission of a secret nature that he wanted the group to undertake. With the offer of thousands of gold, this unlikely group agreed to travel to find any sign of the King’s son, Prince Thrommel, who had been declared dead for the last five years. It was suggested that they speak with Cannonness Y’Dey in Homlett as a starting point. The group spent several days in Lawless, gathering supplies, pack animals, and additional creatures for Eliodoro to add to his menagerie. To earn some spare coin, Alabaster performed nightly magic shows to the delight of the drunken patrons at the Naked Hunter. One such patron, a dwarf by the name of Flint, offered Alabaster a job doing a similar light show at his tavern in Nulb, saying that it would add a great level of entertainment to his already popular Friday Night Croc Fights. Alabaster agreed to look him up, although answering him in Abyssal, and the confused dwarf went on his way.
The setting of the story
Where everything begins . . .

The town of Lawless wasn’t really as bad as one would think based upon its name. Located in between the borders of the Viscounty of Verbobonc and the Kingdom of Furyondy, Lawless became kind of a rest stop or halfway point for mercenaries who offered their sword to both lands. Originally a camping point, slowly a town began to develop. As the town began to grow, traders like the gnomes from the Kron Hills and the grey elves from Enstad slowly made their way to sell their weapons, gear, and spell components. Eventually, a small sleepy town of grizzled veterans became a bustling trade center for anyone looking for a strong sword, a stout axe, or that one rare spell component.
The name of Lawless was given by the Archcleric Elana of Veluna, the de facto ruler of Verbonbonc in part due to her dislike for anyone who was not a faithful follower of Rao, the god of peace and serenity (or at least a hearty contributer to the church’s coffers). However, King Belvor IV secretly loved the town and rumor had it that members of his staff could be found in the town, generally undercover, looking for men who could do a job that the king’s army could not do (or carry out a mission that the King could not afford to have tied to him officially). In general, as long as you did not come to town with the intent of a carrying out a murderous rampage and respected each man’s privacy then Lawless welcomed you with open arms.
In recent days, however, a dark force seems to be slowly making its way into the town. Men in black armor with the symbol of a grinning skull have been found travelling south from time to time and occasionally stopping for a night at the Naked Woodsman. Those who have crossed their path on occasion have generally been found the next day washed up along the Velverdyva River. The town regulars who have tried to exact Lawless vengeance against them have never been found again after planning on taking the men out. As a result, whenever these men come into town they are given a wide berth and the townsfolk try to ignore their existence by avoiding them out of fear.

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